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Meditation Class

**Note that this meditation class is not associated with any religion.

If you are someone who
- would like to improve your quality of life
- are having trouble sleeping
- have trouble in seeing opportunities
- are impulsive
- are at a crossroad
- whose work is highly stressful
- are involved in work that requires them to help others
- have trouble in controlling over-active thoughts
- would like to achieve inner peace and move on to the next phase of life,

THIS Class is for you. Please read on...

Meditation brings
- calming and centering (peace with self and others)
- increased mindfulness (sharpens mind, increases alertness and awareness)
- embraces and welcomes more good things in life (derive solutions and opportunities)

You will learn about
- the basic concepts of meditation
- basic breathing techniques
- basic theories
- basic fun and easy applications of meditation

We focus on the practical and will have active discussions on experiences and pointers among the participants which makes the session interesting and fun. After-class support is available.

Reviews by students on the Meditation Class

“It has helped me to be on my way to meeting my objectives. I have learned to channel divine energy through by body, relax and gained an insight into the principles of meditation and it’s effects. People around me especially strangers have started treating me better. Although I am still quite temperamental, there has been a slight improvement”
~~ Mr Yap

“I felt the class to be very enlightening and learned to concentrate, have better discipline, sleep better and not hold on to anger. I found it easier to focus. I am quite happy with the class.”
~~ Ms Lau

“The techniques taught in this class are quite straightforward and easy to pick up, thus enabling one to practice even after the class has ended.

After completing these classes, I am able to focus more easily compared to when I first started the classes. I also feel calmer and am not easily affected by other’s comments or actions.

Generally good, I will recommend to those who are keen to learn meditation.”
~~ Crystal

“I feel that I can shut off mind cluttering quite fast after taking the class. I am more mindful nowadays. I have learnt different breathing techniques, meditation itself and meditation with crystals and flowers. The teacher answered all our queries and met our needs.
~~ Vibrant

For details and enquiries, feel free to contact us.
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