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Price of Stubbornness
The Three Groups: Which do you belong to?
Life Swapping
How to choose your new home?

Price of Stubbornness

SEE Han Teen, M.SCI
Geomancy, Life Analysis and Healing (10 April 2009)

Price of Stubbornness

Got a strange call the other day. I was requested to attend a wake. The person who made the call was the widow, Mrs Sim. Between her sobs, she said that her husband has passed away due to a tragic car accident. She expressed that she would very much like me to attend the wake even though it is a strange request. I did not really ask for details of why she wanted me to be there and agreed anyway despite of my uneasiness. I was feeling uncomfortable because I do not really know her husband and certainly do not know her.

I went to the wake which was held in the garden of the house and requested to see Mrs Sim. I was being led to her. When she saw me, she got me a drink and signaled me to go to her house. I followed her into the living room. She pointed to an item sitting on the TV console area. It looks familiar! It is a tin container, those type that I have been using to pack most of my products. For clients who have bought Feng Shui items from me will be able to visualize what type of tin container I am referring to. I looked at Mrs Sim and expecting her to fill in the blanks that I have. She requested me to sit down, opened the tin container and pull out the tiny three legged frog that I have been selling. This certainly brought flashbacks. I recalled how I got to know her husband. He approached me about half a year ago. He called me to explain that he has been involved in car accidents very frequently that year and was wondering what Feng Shui items can help to protect him. I recommend the three legged frog. Piecing this together with the information that Mr Sim passed on due to car accident, a chill went through my spine. I was expecting myself to be thrown out of the house at that instant because my product obviously did not work. To my surprise, Mrs Sim broke down and started crying very loudly instead. I looked at her silently, waiting for her to calm herself down. After some time, she started to tell me what happened after Mr Sim got the three legged frog from me.

She said that Mr Sim placed the three legged frog on the car’s dashboard as per instructed by me. As he fetched her home from work that very day, she saw the frog sitting on the dashboard. She was horrified and disgusted by the item. Mr Sim explained that he had been getting involved with car accidents and began to be quite worried. From my recommendation, this item could protect him. She did not believe that these things would be able to have any protection effects and she heard that evil could even reside in them. She was so furious over it and requested Mr Sim to remove it immediately. He was very reluctant and tried to test his luck by leaving the frog there for the next day. In the next morning, Mrs Sim saw it again and was furious about it. She scolded Mr Sim throughout the whole journey from her house to her office and insisted that Mr Sim better remove it before she threw it away herself. Her request was granted. She did not see the item ever since. She knew that her husband has minor car accidents after that but she thought it was normal, until the last one. Her husband was literally crushed behind the wheels.

As she was packing Mr Sim’s things, she saw this raw little tin container tucked away in a corner of Mr Sim’s drawer. She opened it and saw something being bundled in a yellow cloth. She untied the cloth and saw the three-legged frog. It brought her memory back about how her husband was trying to use this three-legged frog and how persistent she was to get it out of her sight. As she removed the three legged frog, a small piece of yellow post-it paper dropped out. A familiar handwriting of “Protection against car accidents” was scribbled on it. It was her husband’s handwriting. She sat there and cried for many hours till she fell asleep after discovering this three legged frog. After she woke up, she has the sudden feeling that she wanted to meet me to tell me what happened. This was what prompted her to give me a call.

Though I was relieved that I was not being cast out, it hurts deeper than that. A man’s life was lost. I took a deep breath, tried to comfort her and left. I really do not know what is appropriate for me to say. What if Mr Sim has used the three legged frog as per instructed, will he avoid his death? “What-if” is never a question to be answered because We can only see the consequence of what is done, not what is not done. I believe that Mrs Sim understands that by telling me this will not bring her husband back. Is it her guilt? Is it her grief? I cannot turn back the clock. I cannot say that your husband is more afraid of you than taking the risk of death. I cannot ask why you hate a stupid item more than your love for your husband. Lifetime guilt is more than enough to bear.

What is the advantage of knowing what is going to happen when nothing is being done? What is good about doing something to improve situation by carrying out the inappropriate course of actions? What is good about knowing what is going to happen, doing the right thing and yet being forbidden by people who you truly love? Life is simple but takes a symphony to work it out.

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The Three Groups: Which do you belong to?

SEE Han Teen, M.SCI
Geomancy, Life Analysis and Healing (26 July 2008)

The Three Groups: Which group do you belong to?

In previous centuries, when a fortune reading was done, it was the accuracy of the results that people were looking for – positive or negative. There was also the pride of the fortune reader as to the accuracy of the predictions. During those times, due to the low literacy rate, the shortage of information, the lack of technology and infrastructure, there were a lot of "unexplainable" events happening daily. People tended to adopt a "fate-believing attitude". This was especially so in Asia. Even if they wanted to avoid dangers or to reap benefits; there was a strong lack of knowledge that prevented them from being able to do so. Wisdom and knowledge were precious but yet difficult to come by due to it being not easily available As a result, the majority of people tended to travel along the path that was to the best of their knowledge not adequate to change the course of their lives from that bestowed to them by birth. Thus the majority led lives that were aligned with their birth charts.

What is happening now? With literacy rates increasing, greater globalization and technology improving, we cannot deny that we have the luxury to enjoy so much information and conveniences compared to the generations before us. Wisdom and knowledge is still as precious but is easier to come by. The challenge is that we are going through an acceleration of time and everything seems to happen too fast and we are exposed to too much at any one time. Thus much information has been lost due to a shortage of time, a lack of patience and being too absorbed about one's own self. As a result, it creates three distinct groups of people,

1. The Aligned: the group who lead a life that is aligned with their birth charts
2. The Short-changed: the group who lead a life that is way below their birth charts
3. The Achievers: the group who lead a life way beyond their birth charts.

Previously, there were a very large group of people falling into group 1 and very few people who fell into groups 2 or 3. BUT nowadays, there are more and more people leaving the 1st group to join the 2nd or 3rd group. Have you heard about the phrase "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer"? This statement may only be confined to the material sense. However, a similar trend is happening within our lives with respect to what is bestowed upon us by our birth chart.

Which group do you belong to? If you are one of those who have not gotten your birth chart analyzed, most likely, you would not be able to know which group you belong to. The birth chart acts as a reference line for you to know whether you are under performing or excelling in life. In a person's lifetime, there will always be a possibility of switching from one group to another.

Let's talk about the easiest group of all, the first group who lead life that is aligned with their birth charts. They are usually a group of people who try their best but yet are unable to break out of the patterns that life has set out for them. On a positive note, they could work towards moving to the third group that would allow them to no longer be bound by what is bestowed to them at birth. On the other hand, there is an equivalent danger of them falling into the second group if they are not cautious in their decisions.

The number of people falling into the second group has been increasing in the last four decades. Who falls under this group? They are those that not only are unable to reap the benefits from the positive events that show up in their charts, but are also badly affected during their negative periods. In other words, they are a group of people who are terribly short changing themselves. How is it possible for them to end up in this group when everybody would want the best for themselves? Like one of my best friends in college mentioned to me once – It is easier to pass an examination than to fail. How does this happen? One could end up in this group by making a long series of wrong decisions, having the wrong timing, carrying out inappropriate actions and developing a repulsive personality etc. There are a common series of traits and qualities that people in this group are associated with. The irony is that such people are either unaware or they choose not to know.

The third group that is envied by all is also increasing it's numbers but at a much slower rate than the second group. This group of people are no longer restricted by what is set out in their birth charts. What does this mean? It means that they are able to achieve far more than what is reflected in their birth charts. During good times, they will have abundance and prosperity that is multiplied by many folds. Even when it should be a "bad" time according to their charts, they are not affected by it at all. There are also a common series of traits or qualities that people in this group or those who are moving into this group are associated with.

Which Group Do You Belong To?

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Life Swapping

SEE Han Teen, M.SCI
Geomancy, Life Analysis and Healing (15 November 2006)

It is the year-end, which is one of the peak traveling periods for many Singaporeans. This is a true account that I would like to share as a cautionary tale. I have changed the names of people involved to protect their identities. Although it takes place on an overseas vacation, the warning applies equally whether abroad or at home.

Jessie was in her early thirties and like many of us loved to travel and her last trip was to Taiwan. While visiting one of the tourist attractions in Taiwan located near a temple, she decided to get a souvenir for herself. She walked along the shops with curious eyes. A well-dressed sales man managed to catch her attention. He asked her what year she was born. She answered politely. He further pursued to ask her the month she was born. “June,” she replied. As she answered, there was a sparkle in the man’s eye. He quickly pulled out an item and put it in Jessie’s hand and she looked at it closely. It was a small-sculpted stone, but Jessie could not make out what the item was. The man, with a serious tone told her that this small ornament was a very powerful item that could grant all her wishes, but she was not to tell anybody, not even her closest friends, boyfriend or parents that she had this ornament in her possession. He informed her to bring this item wherever she went and not to allow anybody to touch it. Jessie was thrilled and thought she had stumbled upon a great deal as the item seemed very precious. She asked for the price and paid for the item.

Vacations like always were too short and she returned to Singapore. On the day that she returned, she felt very exhausted as if the life was draining out of her. She thought that it was due to the traveling and excitement and did not bother too much about it. She went to take a nap and as she rested, she started to feel an ache in her stomach that grew into a continuous sharp pain. By nightfall, the suffering was so intense that she went hysterical. She crawled to the altar in her home and started to hit her head against the altar. Her parents were shocked with her actions. Her father held her tightly, to prevent her injuring herself while her mother called for an ambulance. Strangely enough, in the midst of all the pain and before she left with the ambulance, Jessie insisted that she had to bring along her handbag before leaving for the hospital. When she was sent to the hospital, it was already dawn and she was sent for different tests and scans to determine the cause of her pain. The sharp pain persisted and even got more intense. Her Aunt Maggie heard the news that she was hospitalized and came to visit her. While Aunt Maggie was with her, Jessie thought about letting her employers know of her condition and hoped Aunt Maggie could contact them on her behalf. She took out her handbag and pulled out a pen to write the number on a piece of paper. As she pulled out the pen, the small ornament, which Jessie had bought from Taiwan, dropped on the floor. Aunt Maggie wanted to pick it up but Jessie stopped her. She said if Aunt Maggie were to touch it, she would have to have it cleansed. While Jessie was not looking, Aunt Maggie quickly picked the ornament up and kept it. When Aunt Maggie was out in the hallway, she scrutinized it. The ornament sent shivers down her spine and she was very uncomfortable with the item so she decided to talk to Jessie’s mother.

On the third day, the doctors informed Jessie’s parents that they had confirmed that Jessie suffered from stomach cancer that had reached the terminal stage and they had to prepare for the worst. Jessie’s parents were not able to understand this sudden diagnosis, as Jessie had not had any symptoms of stomach cancer. When Aunt Maggie went to the hospital and met with Jessie’s mother, Jessie’s mother broke the news to Aunt Maggie. Aunt Maggie was shocked and also shared her discovery of the ornament with Jessie’s mother. Jessie’s mother also had an uneasy feeling when she saw the ornament. She felt very lost and desperate about her daughter’s situation. Jessie’s mother and Aunt Maggie both knew of a medium; Master Lim and it struck both of them that he might shed some light as to the events. Aunt Maggie quickly called to arrange to meet Master Lim. When they visited Master Lim, they showed the ornament to Master Lim. At one glance, he told them that Jessie’s life had been swapped with that of another girl who was probably suffering from stomach cancer and was dying. The ornament was an object to hold black magic, which would suck the life out of Jessie. Both Jessie’s mother and Aunt Maggie queried whether there was anything that could be done. He replied that it was too late as the black magic cast was very powerful and the ornament had been discovered too late. The black magic was targeted with certain criteria: The victim had to be a girl who was born in a specific year and month. The black magic would lose its power if other people apart from Jessie touched it. However, in Jessie’s case the black magic had already taken full effect and had become uncontrollable. Thus, only direct family members were to be allowed to visit her and even to send her off at her wake. The strange ornament was left at the temple to be handled and disposed of appropriately.

Silently, and with great pain, Jessie left by the seventh day on her return from her vacation.

Things to look out:
1. Usually you would not be instructed to keep it a secret about buying anything, unless magic is involved.
2. It is untrue that other people apart from the owner cannot touch blessed items. People that you are comfortable with can handle the blessed items. Of course, it is not a good idea to let strangers or anybody who you are not comfortable with to touch any of your closely held items.
3. It is quite common for people to ask what year you are born in when you are selecting items to suit your animal sign. If it is only to deal with Chinese animal signs, they do not need to ask for your birth month. If your birth month is requested for, you can always ask which theories they are following. For example, when selecting crystals and minerals according to astrology, we will need to know what is the birth month and day.
4. Do not buy closely held items or jewelry from non-creditable people, shops or organizations.
5. Many people may have the misconception that black magic can only be cast on them if their eight characters (birth year, month, day and time) are known. Eight characters are not necessary to cast black magic on a specific person.

I have shared this true account as a caution to all that it is important to exercise care when buying items, especially closely held items. It is important to know whom you are buying from, where you are buying from and what you are buying. Do not take things too lightly; else there may be much to lose.

Feel free to circulate this site:http://www.jmine.com/livinggems.htm to friends and relatives.

All products viewing and services are by appointments only. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Good luck and abundance happiness.

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SEE Han Teen, M.S. Statistics
Life Strategist, Feng Shui (13 August 2006)

Life is about making choices. The sum of daily simple choices of what to do, whom to go out with, where to go and even whom to seek helps determines our future. No matter how the consequences of our choices may appear, the importance is to learn from them well, and move on to the next choice. Lessons learnt belong to no one except ourselves. Self-awareness and honesty are vital for us to learn. The universe is designed in such a way that we will be given a series of opportunities. With what we have learnt, we are equipped to know what choices to make and pick up the opportunities along the way. Lifeosophy are tips to increase self-awareness and mindfulness to invoke an outer glow and to being receptive to a life of abundance.

1. Have Positive Thinking: Events are manifested from thoughts, words and actions. Negative thoughts lead to negative words that have negative repercussion. No matter to whom they are being outwardly channeled to or to whom the negativities revolve around, it comes back to the initiator. Program your thoughts and ignite the positive inner self. You will attract anything positive like a magnet to your life.

2. Find Quiet Time: Take some time off from communication. No talking, no checking emails, no messaging, no reading materials. This is the time that you enjoy the feeling of being whole.

3. Find Time To Meditate: Be aware of your breathing. Be aware of how your thoughts flow. Enjoy being part of the universe and being the universe. Go for an inner spa that allows your inner glow to reach outwards.

4. Find Time To Meet People: Take time to meet those who cross your path. Let them unfold their purposes in your life graciously.

5. Give Undivided Attention to Those you love: This is a powerful way to show that you love them completely and understand the importance of the time you spend with them.

6. Pamper Yourself: Do something for yourself that you enjoy. Take a short stroll along a nature walk. Go for a massage. Live a healthy lifestyle. Surround yourself with people that you care and will care for you too. Tap on any opportunities that will make you happy and improve your life. Only when you take the first step to pamper yourself, will the universe reciprocate by showering you with good things.

7. Be Flexible: When you stick rigidly to your schedule, you will miss the opportunities that are trying to catch your attention. When you pin your “beliefs” tightly to your heart, you will be disillusioned when the Universe proves you otherwise. An oak breaks apart under the stress of change while a willow will bend and survive in a great wind. Learn to be flexible and allow the path to unfold before you.

8. Be More Mindful: Mindfulness is being fully aware of what happens in each moment. Honor each moment. Appreciate each task you undertake. Embrace every person that crosses your path. Living in fantasies and denial bring you backwards. Be now, be here and be real.

9. Learn to Appreciate: The ability to appreciate what we have, what we are doing, who we are and whom we are with is the acknowledgement of Now. The acknowledgement of now acts as a qualification that allows us to progress to the next level by narrowing the gap between where we are now and where we would like to be. This is an important element that is often neglected.

10. Find Happiness in Simplicity: Smile at everyone you pass by or meet today. Greet your colleagues, bosses, associates and clients. Allow every sound, every voice to form a melody. Enjoy the elegance of a breeze, the creativity of the wind and the sweetness in the water. The greatest joys will be revealed to you – the ability of being happy.

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How to choose your new home?

By Han-Teen SEE
Feng Shui, Fortune Reader and Master Healer (2005)

How to choose your new home from Feng Shui perspective using visual inspection? These sound tracks offer you basic and quick tips on what to look out for when house viewing. You do not need to walk around with a compass. No hassle and easy to follow. Download total of 9 tracks for this topic.

Downloads:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Welcome to Jmine Living Gems, I am Hanteen. The topic that we are going to talk about today is How to choose your new home. In this session, I am going to provide you some basic Feng Shui tips on how you can choose your new home purely using visual inspection. With this, I hope to spur your interest in getting a complete Feng Shui review from professionals to take care of the intangible aspects.

1. When you are viewing an unit, ensure that all the windows are open. Stay there for some time to check the movement of the air. If there is no air movement or the air is very still, it mean hindrance to growth in terms of wealth and career. It also implies health issues and disharmony. Some of the house owners try to cover the stillness by having their air-conditioner or fan on when you visit.

2. After checking the air, you may start to walk around the house. When you go from one room to another without feeling disoriented, it means that the unit is a well layout place. A well layout place symbolizes smoothness in doing things. If you feel disoriented after walking around, it means that the house will bring you more complexity at work and personal life.

3. When you have short-listed the units that you are interested, do second or third viewing at different time of the day. The best timing will be once in the daytime, the other one in evening. If you visit there in the daytime, check whether the unit is naturally bright. If it is dark in the daytime, it is not desirable. Some housing agents or sellers will on all the lights before you enter the house trying to give a good cover up.

Occupants that stay in dark units tend to be pessimistic. Due to these negativities, they will not be able to see the opportunities that are install for them. Those who stay in such unit will tend to quarrel with each other, or start to blame each other for things that go wrong. For young children, either they will get sick or scared easily. Usually, they tend to have nightmares often.

4. Go around the house and look out from the main door and all the windows. Check whether are there any antennas, sharp edges from opposite buildings, poles or bamboo poles that poke towards you. If there are, it is not good. What is the impact of these poky objects? It represents ill health, back stabbing, and obstacles to goals. In different windows that you find this will impact on different occupants. If you find this from the main door or window of living room, it will impact on all the occupants. If you find them from the kitchen window, it will impact on the female owner of the house. If you find them outside a particular room, it will impact on the occupant of that room.

5. Not only looking for poky stuff outside windows and door, another critical item to look out for is road. This does not mean that you should freak out when you see any road from your unit. Let me elaborate on what type of roads you have to beware of. Let’s say when you are standing in front of any window of the house or main door, if you can feel like the traffic is moving directly towards you and or leaving from you, it is highly undesirable. In terms of wealth, you cannot keep money. In terms of career, there will be more back stabbing, and usually it is difficult to stay in the position for long.

6. If there is a MRT track or highway near your unit, it will be preferred to choose an unit to be higher than the track or highway. If your unit is lower, the occupants will have roadblocks to their career advancement.

All the mentioned points are only quick tips in new house selection and can be easily reviewed by visual inspection. If you are a house owner and found the mentioned undesirable factors, please do not hurry to move out of the house. There are always ways to counter attack the negative influence of the physical factors. Besides, those mentioned tips are only guidelines to which what to avoid if possible. They are only part of the Feng Shui analysis. For full Feng Shui review, do contact me at consult_jmine@yahoo.com. That is all for today. Thank you for listening to Jmine Living Gems. Have a beautiful day.

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