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About Us

Jmine Consulting began to provide Feng Shui consultation services in March 2003. It was exclusively for a close circle of friends and relatives. Due to the warm response and overwhelming support, this service was opened to the public. Ever since, we have continuously strived to increase the variety of services provided to best suit our customers needs. Our recommendations are derived from a spectrum of studies that ranges from business consulting, strategy planning, Feng Shui consultation, Fortune reading, Reiki and Chakra systems etc. Our products include Feng Shui items, crystals, precious stones, strategy kits and personalized potions etc. We aim to provide leading personalized services to unleash each individual’s full potential.

Apart from reorienting objects and/or placing suitable objects in the best positions, we provide information about other intangible factors and complete our solutions by proposing strategies that our customers can adopt to tap the hidden potential they possess.

The founder of Jmine Consulting is SEE Han Teen. With a double mathematics and Physics background, she chose Chinese studies and Statistics in University. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a good Honors degrees in Statistics. With her good results, she was invited to pursue a PhD programme at the University of California, Riverside. Upon completion of her Masters in Science, she returned to Singapore and worked in various prominent multi national companies holding several regional roles and has shown outstanding performance in her career. Through a pre-destined event, a Feng Shui master invited her to be his disciple in Feng Shui and Fortune reading which started her journey to help people in this area. Knowing that knowledge has no boundaries, the master encouraged her to pursue other metaphysical theories and other wellness methodologies so as to have an even more comprehensive knowledge in order to be able to help people in a better way.

Today her vast knowledge encompasses astrology, geomancy, healing, Reiki, meditation, spells etc as a strategist, consultant, healer, geomancer and teacher. Coupled with her scientific and statistical education and business knowledge, she offers analysis and recommendations that allow individuals to reap the best benefits of the situation and to induce positive events that are in store for them.

As of today, we have a customer client base that spans across many races, religions and countries. Most of our customers are executives, professionals and those in senior management positions. Many have benefited and grown to be happy and successful in different areas of their lives through her advice and impartations.

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