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Jmine Life Rocks - Magnetite

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Magnetite cluster is magnetic and grounding that attracts love, commitments and loyalty, alleviates negative emotions, shows how to remove from detrimental situations, provides healing energy necessary for physical recovery such as sports injuries, asthma, blood, circulatory system, skin and hair.

- Magnetic and Grounding stone that attracts love, commitments and loyalty.
- Alleviates negative emotions such as fear, anger, grief and over-attachment. Brings in positive qualities such as endurance. Points out how to remove yourself from detrimental situations and promotes objectivity.
- Balances the intellect with the emotions to bring inner stability
- Provides healing energy necessary for physical recovery.
- Beneficial for asthma, blood and the circulatory system, skin and hair.
- Stimulates sluggish organs and meridians and sedates overactive ones. It is anti-inflammatory and heals muscle strains and cramps. Useful for sports injuries as it relieves aches and pains in muscles.

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Sincere gratitude and appreciation go to the descriptions provided by Judy Hall, ‘The Crystal Bible’ and Melody, ‘Love Is In The Earth’.

All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars.
The characteristics, effects and usage for each product are specific to that particular product mentioned only. The effects on individuals might vary from one to the other and they are described as they are. We are not responsible for the effects and misuse of products or actions of individuals directly or indirectly. We will not bear responsibilities for similar objects that are obtained from other sources. Products once sold are not returnable/refundable.
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