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Jmine Life Rocks - Fluorite

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Fluorite unique formation protects against manipulation by others, draws off negative energies and stress, promotes objectivity, associates with progress and brings structure to life, strong learning aid as it helps to organize and process information fast while promotes concentration (protects against radiation).

- Protects against emotional blackmails or mental manipulation by others.
- Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress.
- Draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds.
- Overcome any form of disorganization.
- Promotes objectivity and heightens intuitive powers.
- Associates with progress. Incorporating structure in daily life. Overcome chaos and reorganize.
- Dissolves fixed patterns of behaviors and bring suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution. Increases self-confidence.
- Dissolve fix ideas and helps to move to bigger picture. Dissolves illusions and reveals truth.
- Strong learning aid. Organizes and processes information and increase concentration. Promotes quick thinking.

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Sincere gratitude and appreciation go to the descriptions provided by Judy Hall, ‘The Crystal Bible’ and Melody, ‘Love Is In The Earth’.

All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars.
The characteristics, effects and usage for each product are specific to that particular product mentioned only. The effects on individuals might vary from one to the other and they are described as they are. We are not responsible for the effects and misuse of products or actions of individuals directly or indirectly. We will not bear responsibilities for similar objects that are obtained from other sources. Products once sold are not returnable/refundable.
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