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Jmine Life Rocks - Citrine

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Prosperity Garden

20081228021: Fairly large natural Citrine clusters that brings support from different levels, brings wealth, prosperity, joy and success while provide protection, enhances concentration releases old and negative patterns, enhances confidence, motivating growth, sharpens mind and improve difficult relationships.

Citrine Cluster is a stone of abundance and has the power of sun.
- It brings support from peers and others. Improves interaction and social activities.
- It is a protective stone as it gives off early warning signs so that action can be taken to protect oneself.
- It enhances concentration and rejuvenates the mind.
- It helps in the manifestation of all good things in life such as wealth, prosperity and success.
- It promotes joy in life and encourages new experiences. It is a happy stone.
Peridot protects against evil and a powerful cleanser of all levels.
- Shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and look at your own higher energies for guidance.
- Releases old and negative patterns.
- Helps you to understand your destiny and your spiritual purpose.
- Reduces stress.
- Enhances confidence and assertion without aggression.
- Motivating growth.
- Promotes clarity and well-being.
- Sharpens mind and opens it to new levels of awareness.
- Improve relationships, especially the difficult ones.
Unique features
Size: 5cm diameter base x approx 8.5cm height
Weight: 436g (with glass and peridot)
Locality: Llwena, Congo
Price: S$30

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Sincere gratitude and appreciation go to the descriptions provided by Judy Hall, ‘The Crystal Bible’ and Melody, ‘Love Is In The Earth’.

All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars.
The characteristics, effects and usage for each product are specific to that particular product mentioned only. The effects on individuals might vary from one to the other and they are described as they are. We are not responsible for the effects and misuse of products or actions of individuals directly or indirectly. We will not bear responsibilities for similar objects that are obtained from other sources. Products once sold are not returnable/refundable.
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